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  • May 2014 VoiceMale releases 2nd EP, Take Your Pick
  • December 2013 Steamy Winter concert with Boston University Treblemakers
  • November 2013 VoiceMale's 20th Anniversary EP is successfully funded on KickStarter
  • October 2013 Fall Fest Concert with Brandeis Starving Artists
  • September 2013VoiceMale accepts Shobhik Chakraborty '13, Austin Koenigstein '13, Kaelan Lynch '13, and Antoine Malfroy-Camine '13
  • May 2013 VoiceMale sings the Alma Mater and the university's Commencement ceremony
  • April 2013 19th Annual TestFest Concert
  • April 2013 Brandeis A Cappella Fest! 2013
  • April 2013 VoiceMale competes in WERS All A Cappella Live Competition
  • December 2012 Steamy Winter concert with guest group MIT Chorallaries
  • September 2012 VoiceMale accepts Elan Wong '15
  • July 2012 Mother We Just Can't Get Enough is place on Voices Only 2012 Volume Two
  • May 2012 VoiceMale sings the Alma Mater and the university's Commencement ceremony
  • May 2012 TRISK Drag Show at Brandeis

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About Us

VoiceMale is Brandeis University's award-winning all-male a cappella group. Founded in 1994 by Samrat Chakrabarti, the group travels coast-to-coast performing a mix of rock, pop, R&B, oldies and more at a wide variety of venues including colleges, high schools, charity events, and private functions.

As a traditionally small collegiate group, VoiceMale emphasizes the role of every individual in creating a full, balanced sound. Members of VoiceMale share the philosophy that all components of a song are equally important, and their arrangements strive to reflect that with voice parts that are distinct and interesting, yet always complementary to one another. This allows the group to showcase the uniqueness of its members' voices and, at the same time, their ability to work together as a unit. While staying true to these fundamentals, VoiceMale constantly aims to grow and improve by building upon the foundation laid by members past.

Through its dedication to combining intricate arrangements with passionate performance both on the stage and in the studio, VoiceMale has worked to earn its place in the national a cappella scene. Holding titles such as WERS 88.9 FM's All A Cappella Live Champion and Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) Winner, VoiceMale has received notable recognition for its sound, live and recorded. In December 2011, the group released its first ever concept album, Phoenix, which offers a mix of contemporary covers and original music and takes the listener through an emotional journey. With tracks placed on national and international compilations alike, and recently nominated for four CARAs, Phoenix now joins the ranks of VoiceMale's previous award-winning albums Suit Up. (2009), Ain't Done Overnight (2006), and Propeller (2003).

VoiceMale would like to thank its devoted fans, affectionately called FOVs (Fans Of VoiceMale).
Your continuous support and enthusiasm drive our group to reach new heights, and we are truly grateful for all of the incredible experiences you make possible.

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  • Winter Time Chris August (arr. Elan Wong)
  • Please Don't Go VoiceMale (arr. Samrat Chakrabarti)
  • Superstition Stevie Wonder (arr. Elan Wong)
  • Here Comes Goodbye Rascal Flatts (arr. Jordan Suchow)
  • Stay or Leave Dave Matthews (arr. Elan Wong)
  • Here We Go Dispatch (arr. Schuyler Brass)
  • Someday Rob Thomas (arr. Austin Koenigstein)
  • Colder Weather Zac Brown Band (arr. Elan Wong)
  • Thinkin' Bout Somethin Hanson (arr. Eric Freeman)
  • Hollywood's Not America Ferras (arr. Elan Wong)
  • Heaven John Legend (arr. Adam Jones)
  • Talk You Down The Script (arr. Austin Koenigstein)
  • Name The Goo Goo Dolls (arr. Antoine Malfroy-Camine)
  • Fallin' Over You Rockappella (arr. Rockappella)
  • In the Still of the Night The Five Satins (arr. Boyz II Men)

Past Repertoire

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April 24, 2014 Brandeis A Cappella Fest! 2014
April 27, 2014 VoiceMale competes in WERS All A Cappella Live Competition
May 3, 2014 VoiceMale's 20th Anniversary TestFest!
May 10, 2014 VoiceMale participates in 3rd Annual MTL A Cappella Festival in Montreal, Quebec

Past Performances

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VoiceMale is available for all public and private functions including college and high school performances, workshops, birthdays, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, charity events, etc.

Write to us at:
Brandeis VoiceMale
c/o Student Senate
Brandeis University
P.O. Box 9110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

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E-mail us at:

You can reach our
President, Chase Hiller, at 443.465.3521.
Business Manager, Jason Sugarman, at 917.273.7904.



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Phoenix - Brandeis VoiceMale

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Phoenix (Fall 2011):

** Nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Album' 2012
** Track 5 included on Voices Only 2011
** Track 5 included on Sing 8: Too Cubed
** Track 5 included on BOCA 2012
** Track 5 nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Song' 2012
** Track 5 (Adam Levine) nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Solo' 2012
** Track 5 (Adam Levine) nominated for 'Best Scholastic Original Song' 2012

1. Mother We Just Can't Get Enough, o.p.b. New Radicals
2. Big Machine, o.p.b. Goo Goo Dolls
3. Hold On, o.p.b. VoiceMale
4. Already Over, o.p.b. Red
5. Phoenix, o.p.b. VoiceMale
6. Girlfriend, o.p.b. Eve 6
7. Earth, o.p.b. Imogen Heap
8. Live Like We're Dying, o.p.b. Kris Allen
9. Thinking 'Bout Somethin', o.p.b. Hanson
10. Good Life, o.p.b. OneRepublic
11. Hold On [Instrumental] (Bonus Track)
12. Phoenix [Instrumental] (Bonus Track)

Suit Up.

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Suit Up. (Spring 2009):

** Nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Album' 2010
** Track 1 nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Song' 2010
** Track 3 included on Voices Only 2009
** Track 4 (Adam Levine) RUNNER-UP for 'Best Male Collegiate Solo' 2010
** Track 8 WINNER of 'Best Scholastic Original Song' 2010
** Track 8 included on Sing VI: Sunny Side Up
** Track 11 opening track on BOCA 2009

1. Where's the Love, o.p.b. Hanson [preview]
2. Don't Stop Me Now, o.p.b. Queen [preview]
3. Please Don't Go, o.p.b. VoiceMale [preview]
4. Lately, o.p.b. Stevie Wonder [preview]
5. Where You Are, o.p.b. Marc Broussard [preview]
6. Home, o.p.b. Daughtry [preview]
7. We Are, o.p.b. Vertical Horizon [preview]
8. Time (Bring It On), o.p.b. VoiceMale [preview]
9. Two Thousand Years, o.p.b. Billy Joel [preview]
10. Freedom! '90, o.p.b. George Michael [preview]
11. Where's the Love [Remix] (Bonus Track) [preview]

Where's the Album? - The EP cover

Where's the Album? - EP - Brandeis VoiceMale

Where's the Album? - The EP (Fall 2008):

** Top 10 'Best Male Collegiate Album' 2009
** Track 1 nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Song' 2009
** Track 3 (Adam Levine) nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Solo' 2009
** Track 4 opening track on BOCA 2009

1. Where's the Love, o.p.b. Hanson
2. Don't Stop Me Now, o.p.b. Queen
3. Lately, o.p.b. Stevie Wonder
4. Where's the Love [Remix]

ain't done overnight cover

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Ain't Done Overnight (Fall 2006):

** Nominated for 'Best Male Collegiate Album' 2007
** Track 6 included on Sing III: Mélange à Trois
** Track 11 included on BOCA 2007

1. Is it Any Wonder?, o.p.b. Keane
2. Bless the Broken Road, o.p.b. Rascal Flatts
3. Can't Stop Loving You, o.p.b. Phil Collins
4. All at Sea, o.p.b. Jamie Cullum
5. Just Want You to Know, o.p.b. Backstreet Boys
6. Human Nature, o.p.b. Michael Jackson/Boyz II Men
7. Shed a Little Light, o.p.b. James Taylor
8. In Your Eyes, o.p.b. Peter Gabriel
9. I Could Not Ask for More, o.p.b. Edwin McCain
10. Have a Little Faith in Me, o.p.b. John Hiatt
11. Over My Head (Cable Car), o.p.b. The Fray
12. Don't Look Back in Anger, o.p.b. Oasis
13. Zak and Sara, o.p.b. Ben Folds

propeller cover

Propeller - Brandeis VoiceMale

Propeller (Fall 2003):

** WINNER of 'Best Male Collegiate Album' 2004
** Track 1 opening track on BOCA 2004
** Track 6 (Aithan Shapira) WINNER of 'Best Male Collegiate Arrangement' 2004
** Track 6 (Aithan Shapira) RUNNER-UP for 'Best Male Collegiate Solo' 2004

1. Let Me Entertain You, o.p.b. Robbie Williams
2. Counting Blue Cars, o.p.b. Dishwalla
3. Walking In Memphis, o.p.b. Marc Cohn
4. More Than Words, o.p.b. Extreme
5. Neon, o.p.b. John Mayer
6. Caravan, o.p.b. VoiceMale
7. I Wish, o.p.b. Stevie Wonder
8. Spain, o.p.b. Chick Corea
9. Under Pressure, o.p.b. Queen
10. This Time Around, o.p.b. Hanson

voicmale cd cover

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VoiceMale (Spring 2001)

1. Absolutely (Story of a Girl), o.p.b. Nine Days
2. Hard to Say I'm Sorry, o.p.b. Chicago / Az Yet
3. Meet Virginia, o.p.b. Train
4. Without Your Love, o.p.b. M-Pact
5. September, o.p.b. Earth, Wind, and Fire
6. Don't Cry, o.p.b. Seal
7. Thank You, o.p.b. Boyz II Men
8. Black Balloon, o.p.b. Goo Goo Dolls
9. Truly Madly Deeply, o.p.b. Savage Garden
10. Lean on Me, o.p.b. Bill Withers
11. I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever), o.p.b. Stevie Wonder
12. If I Ever Fall in Love..., o.p.b. Shai
13. Fly Away, o.p.b. Lenny Kravitz

malestrom cd cover

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Malestrom (Spring 1999)

1. Virtual Insanity, o.p.b. Jamiroquai
2. Brick House, o.p.b. The Commodores
3. Soul to Squeeze, o.p.b. Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Hooch, o.p.b. Everything
5. Heaven on Their Minds, o.p.b. from Jesus Christ Superstar
6. Imagine, o.p.b. John Lennon
7. Spine of a Dog, o.p.b. Moe
8. I Walk With You, o.p.b. Rockapella
9. Freight Train, o.p.b. Michael Schwartz
10. Typical Situation, o.p.b. Dave Matthews Band
11. Superstition, o.p.b. Stevie Wonder
12. The Letter ('98), o.p.b. The Box Tops/ Joe Cocker version
13. Fell in Love, o.p.b. Moxy Fruvous
14. Future Love Paradise, o.p.b. Seal

flipside cover

Flipside (Spring 1997)

1. Hooked on a Feeling, o.p.b. Blue Suede
2. Hook, o.p.b. Blues Traveler
3. Tempted, o.p.b. Squeeze
4. Lie on Lie, o.p.b. Chalk Farm
5. Hard Hearted Hannah, o.p.b. Traditional
6. You Can Have Her (Live), o.p.b. The Persuasions
7. High Hopes, o.p.b. Pink Floyd
8. What I Got, o.p.b. Sublime
9. Come My Way, o.p.b. Rockapella
10. Notorious, o.p.b. Duran Duran
11. Mack the Knife, o.p.b. Bobby Darin
12. Sloop John B. (Live), o.p.b. The Beach Boys
13. Dancing Nancies, o.p.b. Dave Matthews Band
14. The Letter, o.p.b. Joe Cocker